Baba Nyonya Herittage

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According to my research, i found that there are two contrasting ends to Nyonyas characters.
  1. Gentle and soft spoken Nyonyas- is it that this type of nyonya is the youngest one, which are more attentive in embroider skill in making nyonya beaded shoes, Handkerchief ??

  2. Fearless and fierce Nyonyas- is it that it is related to a 'pantang larang' (taboo) of their culture and this type of nyonya (elders/ or the great-grandmother of the house) normally that are more powerful in status of the family to control their family peaceful & morality??

    • For example, that no one should be watching their elder while their elder was trying to bun up her hair because it would definitely mean that the 'bunning' will fail. And the elder will punish their children if their children are not follow the taboo, even they will throw their shoes toward their children if happens.

My research topic were focus more on
Gentle and soft spoken Nyonyas
& Nyonya Beaded Shoes.

In the BabaNyonya olden day, the sewing and embroider skill in making nyonya beaded shoes, Handkerchief for a young nyonya is very important for their eventual marriages.

The early BabaNyonya were competitive people in everything, as most were of the prominent background, they match made and married among their own Peranakans.
The sewing and embroider skill is one of the important skill for them besides cooking! And its need to passing down the cultures to their children. That why it is so important the skill for them to have marriage a guy in olden day.

The daughters of BabaNyonya were always quote as, "a married daughter is like splashed water" but it was important to find them good husbands to keep them.

Conclusion for the above video:
For the olden day, sewing and embroider skill is the must for a nyonya girl. Nowadays, it start to disappear. And there are the people that are contributes to recover it, and the one that learn it and passing down to next generation, is a Man.

WEB DESIGN 2 - User Testing1

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*All of these INTERFACE REDESIGN WEBSITE are just for college project usage,
is not for any commercial usage *

Redesign of FullHouseCafe Website

-Enter page-

-welcome page-

-about us-
"truly novel experience"

-about us-
"petit four"



-Store & Shop-


*Event page still in process



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Strategic Brief
Project Definition
Full House Café is my client for this Web design II project. First and foremost, we need to study their existing website and its target audience to propose a new concept towards enhancing the interface of the existing web design. Besides, we need to simplify and propose better site navigation.

In this project, the main thing is to redesign the original website. The original art style of the site will not changed but more elements will be inserted to make the site more interesting and the interactive of the website will be improve to make the site more user friendly.

Current Site's Analysis & Goals
In this site is lacking of information. But after having an interview with the assistant manager of the Full House Café, I get know that, actually the Full House Café official website is actually in the process of improving. Some of the features in this site may be is not yet completed. There are a few broken link and some of image linkage problem. Arrangement of the site or site map is not ideal, it may confuse the audience. Besides that, there are no page indicators.

Web area that looks for improvement:
-Make the interface design of the site more interesting and more fun.
-Add more information and event photo to make attract more visitors.
-Make the four themes character in the site interface more outstanding.
-Updated the location of the three branches.

Client's Analysis
According to my research, Full House Café is a very popular concept restaurant in Malaysia. It has 3 branches in Malaysia and it founded by Mr. Adam Swee, 27 years old.

The cooperate color or themes color is white and the concept is about “Home” with the four main themes character. Every character name is start with alphabet “T”, even their one and only pet also have a name start with alphabet “T”. Four of them have a name called Petit Four.

The Full House Café is not only a café, it also a lifestyle store that selling the guys and girl trend and fashion with their own branding, souvenirs and latest product imported from Korea, Japan, china.

Besides, the Full House Café is a open café, people can just take photo anywhere inside the café, Beside, they can just try out the fashion product and have a snapshoot, it is totally different from others lifestyle shop that strictly not allow visitor to have a snapshoot with their product.

Full house also provides event management services to help you put together the most happening, most talked-about party in town!

Mission and Vision
Full house Lifestyle Store & Cafe is a truly novel experience, serving visitors from all walks of life senses and palate of pleasing to their eyes.

Unique selling point
-The concept of “Home”.
-Interior design of the restaurant. The restaurant is form by the garden, living room, kitchen, VIP room, bathroom and etc.
-The freedom of snapshoot inside the café and their lifestyle store.

Position & Cultural value
-Full house café is a modern concept restaurant but it brings and conveys the message of home sweet home via their concept.

Short & Long-term Site Goals
-Keep update more new information about the café.

-Helpdesk zone for their customer.
-Run some event activity, special promotion.

Target Audience
The target audience is youths, teenagers, and young adults. Most of them are student, office workers.


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阿基里斯與龜 08年的

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ArtStudent must watch it! nice!Waiting people download 4 me..=(


The Art of Colours

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Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Frankfurt, Germany
“The Art of Colours. Koleston Hair Colours.”


Beautiful Commercial Web Design

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-Fully flash.
-Page download times faster.
-Neat layout, consistent.
-User friendly.
-Nice icon.
-Clear & neat information.
-Artstyle suitable the indentity.
-Attrative with all the famous artist endorsement.
-More focus on advertising and promotion.
-Text information able to copy.
-Target audience more to teenager, student, adult.

-Html site
-Page download times faster.
-Simple, neat & clean layout, consistent.
-User friendly.
-Clear & neat arragement of information.
-Artstyle suitable the indentity.
(good & healthy lifestyle)
-Text information able to copy.
-Target audience more to adult, teenagers and student.

-Html site
-Page download times faster.
-Nice layout, consistent.
-User friendly.
-Clear & neat information.
-Artstyle suitable the indentity.(soft mood)
-Text information able to copy.
-Target audience more to adult, parent.

-Html site.
-Page download times faster.
-Neat layout, consistent.
-User friendly.
-Clear & neat information.
-Artstyle suitable the indentity.(naturalistic)
-Nice color.
-Nice photo preview.
-Text information able to copy.
-Target audience more to coffee & tea lover.

WebDesign References

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Client: Fullhousecafe (Lifestyle Store & Café)

Food--Price range is around RM5 ~ 20 per pax.
Drinks Price range is around RM4.80 – RM5.90per pax.

White as their theme color
Using the concept of 'HOME SWEET HOME'
the idea come from the name of a Korean drama, [Fullhouse浪漫满屋]

Screenshots of the original fullhousecafe website:

Fullhousecafe vs oldtown

*origin of full house cafe not yet sure, still researching

Fullhousecafe vs Gardencafe

Fullhousecafe vs T-bowl concept restaurant

Fullhousecafe vs BubbaGump

*add on BubbaGump Artstyle: American style, forestry

penang! =)

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